Your success is our primary focus!
Who we are

Your success is our primary focus!

At Red Cell Media (RCM) our core business philosophy is that people matter over objects and individual relationships based on mutual respect will win the day. We will display professionalism and integrity in committing our total work ethos to achieving that success. This means always being available to both you and the media; timely response to all communications; meeting timelines and schedules; and, fostering a mutually beneficial working relationship with media representatives that will make positive things happen for your brand. RCM has successfully employed these core competencies over the years with proven superior results.

What we offer

Our Services


Team Support

RCM will partner with your internal departments and product support teams to develop and execute a strategic multi-platform media plan that incorporates your products and offerings.

Strategic Counsel

RCM will proactively advise on the development of product and/or service offerings and make recommendations to the client’s short- and long-term marketing decision process for best practices and execution strategies.

Industry consultant

RCM will elevate your brand by working with both digital and traditional editorial writers, editors and publishers to increase brand and product awareness. We can create storylines to pitch to writers, build this into the media and hunting, shooting, and event schedules, and maximize your advertising budget to gain feature stories and cover positions.

Front Line Support

RCM will provide a liaison between your brand and outdoor media professionals. Be on call for product questions, field media requests, develop story lines for future product launches or for existing products that need more sales support. We have successfully placed and demonstrated products in actual hunts with writers and editors and bring the benefit of this experience to assist you in planning and providing product samples to maximize the return on your investment.

Field Support

RCM will provide media kits for distribution at trade shows and new product launches. Although RCM does not schedule or manage trade shows, our extensive experience at these events makes us perfect to represent your company and your product.

RCM will assist with branding to ensure you have the right media resources to most effectively present the right product to the right user groups. Accomplishing the right blend of these marketing tenets can exponentially grow product awareness.

RCM will write and disseminate Press Releases. These will be released to key writers and industry wires in order to garner the greatest visibility for your product release or message.

RCM will help create, plan and execute your company’s Hunt/Event media schedule. We have worked very hard over the years to build relationships with the countries best ranges and outfitters and can provide the best experience for your hunt/media event but also be fiscally responsible to ensure the largest possible return on your investment.

RCM will leverage relationships to potentially have your product displayed in TV shows or films. An on-screen visual or mention of your product on a hunting/shooting/outdoors show has a significant positive influence on viewers and shoppers.

RCM will advise and assist with creation of all types of media content. Do you need catalog photos, product photography, lifestyle photos, or 15/30 second commercials produced? Our media technology partners have the experience and resources to produce high quality print and digital products within your marketing budget.

RCM will work with publishers to get your company to the table of their privately held media events. The small investment on your end to get your products in front of the publishers media personnel can significantly enhance your products visibility across the industry.

RCM will attend specific trade shows to interface with the media and provide on camera overviews of your product, if requested.

RCM will assist your brand with launching a new product or relaunch of an existing product line. Whether a combination of the above tasks, limited application of a few, or implementation of a stand-alone task; as a member of your team RCM will dedicate our efforts to your success.